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NaDonna Gary

NaDonna Gary grew up in the heart of North Memphis’s “Smokey City” community. After the death of her mother in 1997, she moved to the southside of Chicago. She piqued an interest in writing as a child. That interest lead her to serve as editor of her high school newspaper. NaDonna majored in Journalism at Western Illinois University and later graduated from the LeMoyne-Owen College with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Her experiences in both Memphis and Chicago laid the foundation for the creation of the Nita Joe Project. She used writing as an outlet through poetry and devotionals. She combined her love of people and writing, with a need for healing to create the blueprint for a unique plan of peace management and therapeutic liberation. Although The Nita Joe Project is the story of her personal journey; NaDonna’s testimony can be relatable to anyone in need of healing and freedom. Find out more about NaDonna at

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