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2020 DLP Literacy awards


Best Children's Book:

CJ Johnson - Melanin Poppin': Mommy, Why is My Different from Yours?

Allen Simmons - Can I Speak.png

Best Poetry or Short Story Collection:

Allen Simmons - Can I Speak?


Best Romance Book:

Shelia Sewell - Love, Lies, & Loyalty


Best Young Adult Book:

Eric Williams - Inspire Me

IMG-6238 (1).JPG.jpg

Best Self-Help Book:

Na'Tasha Moore - Enduring the Process: My Faith vs Breast Cancer


Reader's Choice:

Shelia Sewell - Love, Lies, & Loyalty

Best Memoir or Autobiography

Bri Lynette - They Told Me to Love My Abuser

Daneal Brown - Juice Box - eBook Cover.j

Best Erotica Book:

Daneal Brown - Juice Box: The Book of Shaun

2019-12-13 03.47.24.jpg

Best New Author: 

Rasheedah Jackson

book soirees

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Author Shelia Sewell & Aronya Waller
Author Aronya Waller
Author Ayan Mobley
Author Mahogany Wright
Author Serendipity
Author Alice Evans
Author Serendipity
Author Serendipity