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What Can Divine Legacy Publishing Offer You?

Divine Legacy Publishing offers several packages that guide authors through every stage of the writing and publishing processes.


During our writing coaching, we take an intimate look at the components needed to successfully write your story. Each meeting we will tackle a different item, and yes, there will be homework. During the first phase of the coaching, you will complete a detailed workbook and we will develop a personalized writing schedule that fits your life. By the end of the coaching, you will have your fully completed manuscript ready to go to an editor.

Editing Services

Our editors have a combined three decades of experience editing specifically in the creative writing and non-fiction genres. They will comb through your manuscript for plot consistency and story development as well as check your writing for both the mechanics of writing, such as grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

Self-Publishing Coaching

You've written your book and had it professionally edited, now what? Retain creative control of your work and self-publish, that’s what! We'll walk you through all the steps necessary to successfully self-publish your book. There are rules to the self-publishing game, and we make sure you know all of them and quite a few tricks, too. By the end of this program, you will be fully versed in the business of self-publishing.

Graphic Design Services


Let our graphic design professional make sure your brand is represented well with attention-grabbing book covers, professional media kits, eye-catching logos, bold social media images, and beautiful promotional materials.

Branding and Social Media Coaching

Who are you to your readers? During your author branding coaching, we’ll answer that question and develop the important facets of your brand, including (but not limited to) a logo, defining colors, persona, a media kit, and website elements.  We'll also develop your social media accounts and create a social media calendar template that you can use to build your audience. 


It's important that your website reflects your author brand and connects with your readers. Our website designer can give you the website of your dreams, complete with maintenance support. The result will be a place where your readers can feel welcome to visit you anytime.

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