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Olyvia Miles

Olyvia Miles was born in Brooklyn, New York but grew up in Orangeburg, South Carolina. She has the tough outer shell of the north and the sweet southern center.

Olyvia started writing short stories and poetry at an early age as a way to escape childhood trauma. While writing short stories and poetry, she also began reading books that was far more advanced than her age level. While she read she had a pencil, notebook, and dictionary so she could write the definition to any word she didn’t know while she read. He vocabulary increased, and her short stories and poetry got a lot better because of this.

Olyvia had aspirations of being a writer and/or producer, but in college she was a Chemistry major because she also wanted to be a Physical Therapist.

Before doing either, she joined the US Air Force. While in the Air Force she met some life long friends. She continued write poetry but pushed short stories to the back burner. Her poetry transformed to the point where she could take someone else’s situation and embody their emotions into a poem. While in the Air Force Olyvia stopped writing all together for about 10 years. It wasn’t until 2016 that she finally picked up a pen again to write. When she put pen to pad again it resulted in her first self-published book. Find out more about Olyvia at

Olyvia Miles
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Olyvia Miles
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