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D'Vine Pen

D'Vine Pen is a writer, poet, model, and communicator. Her compilations include a strong focus on self-worth, respect, inspiration, expression, and empowerment for young multicultural teens and women, representing various cultures and diversities.

D'Vine realized that writing was her passion in her early teen years. Often used as an escape for tranquility, D'Vine would write for hours at a time, composing thoughts on various inspiring topics. It wasn't until later in life that she realized that writing was her gift from God and it became her purpose to further nurture and utilize to its fullest.

D'Vine passion is not only demonstrated in her written words, but through her involvement with youth as well. In 2014, she launched her own company, D'Vine Pen Ent.

D'Vine Pen Ent has partnered with several organizations, including Know Your Purpose Non-Profit Organization, Order of Eastern Star, and Curvii Addiction to inspire and empower our youth to reach their full potential despite obstacles. You can find out more about D'Vine Pen at

D'Vine Pen
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D'Vine Pen
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