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Creative Control with Author Sites: Hiring Out For Help

As a published or soon-to-be published author, it is very exciting to travel on the path of publishing your book for the world to see read. However, publishing is only part of the journey. Have you thought about how you’re going to sell your book? How can readers contact you outside of social media? It’s not unusual if you find yourself asking these questions.

Even while your book is still in the writing phase, it’s important that your readers know who you are as an author, your upcoming releases, and your visibility on the Internet. Having a website is essential for any author that would like a professional place for their readers to stay connected and find out more information about upcoming events or projects.

You have two options when it comes to building your author site: do-it-yourself or hiring a web designer. Below are tips to help you hire the right web designer.

Finding the Right Website Designer

If designing a website is not your forte and you would like to shop for a professional web designer, seek a professional that has the experience designing author websites. It’s important that the web designer have a clear understanding of what you require on your website and they are able to create the visual you desire.

As a website professional, the most important part of the conversation I have with a client is the goal of the website and how the website will be utilized. It’s helpful to have your goals listed prior to speaking with a website designer. This way, the designer can give you a realistic timeframe on how long creating the website will take or if they see potential challenges.

Another important factor to consider is the location of the website designer. If you wish to have a face to face interaction, the best option is to meet with someone that is in your local area. If locality is not an issue, you can find a website designer virtually anywhere. Many authors find credible website designers via word of mouth, through social media, or utilizing an online marketplace such as Fiverr.

When interviewing website designers, some great questions to ask are:

  1. What is your experience with website design?

  2. What types of sites have you designed and can I see a portfolio of your work?

  3. Do you have references that I can contact?

  4. How long does it take for you to complete a website?

  5. How much will your services cost and what exactly am I paying for?

  6. Will I be able to review the progress as the website is being designed?

  7. How many modifications am I allotted after the site is published?

  8. If I am not pleased with your work, do you have a refund policy?

  9. After the work is completed, will you still have access to the website account?

  10. Do you charge extra for maintenance services?

A professional website designer will be able to answer all your questions and walk you through the process of creating the perfect website for you.

Check back next month for Creative Control in Author Websites Part 2, where I’ll discuss taking the DIY route. See you then!


About Samika Johnson

Samika fell in love with web design while obtaining her BS in Business Information Systems at Indiana Wesleyan University. Shortly after graduating, she began to freelance and has since designed sites for campaigns, day care centers, her local sorority chapter, authors, local celebrities, and many more. She is the Chief Website Designer for Divine Legacy Publishing and owns Johnson Website Creations.

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