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8 Tips to Conquer Writer's Block

I’m stuck … Please Help!!!

Is this you or has it ever been you? Are you currently in the middle of writing and find yourself stuck? I know for me, I find myself getting writer’s block A LOT! During these times I get frustrated and sometimes want to give up. Thankfully, over the years, I have learned and picked up some techniques and skills to help me get through my writers block moments. Below are a few tricks I’ve learned along the way.

  1. Relax, Relate, Release. I find that I can stress myself out or get too worked up. Doing this helps me to relax. During this phase, I might just sit in a quiet space and practice breathing techniques. Try breathing through your nose or holding your breath for seven to ten seconds while lying in bed or while lying on the floor with a pillow under your head and knees. Once I have relaxed and cleared my head, I can begin to regroup.

  2. Let it Flow. Some people like running *side eye*. Me personally, I like going for a nice walk. Standing up and doing stretching exercises is a good way to get your blood flowing! Also, it helps to avoid bad hand cramps.

  3. Get Creative. This will help to keep the creative part of your brain moving. It could be something as simple as coloring a page in a coloring book, going to a Wine and Design class (my personal favorite), or taking photos of scenery, people, or objects.

  4. Silence the Distractions. Find your quiet space! For some that might be inside your house and for others you might need to go elsewhere. I currently live in a home with two wild little boys and two very anxious puppies. Shutting my bedroom door DOES NOT always do the trick, so I will literally get in my car and drive to the park and sit.

  5. Mellow Out to Your Jams. For some, this could mean jazz, classical, or even R&B. My personal favorite is R&B love songs! Once the music starts to relax me, I just put my pen to the paper and free write. I literally jot down whatever comes to my mind and/or heart.

  6. Outline Your Thoughts. This will help you to get re-organized and stay focused on what you are writing. There are many different ways you can begin to outline your thoughts. I say the more detailed you are, the more it will help you in your writing.

  7. Phone a Friend. If my page is still blank after a while, I call my mentor and ask for a writing prompt. He is quite the character and because he is familiar with me and my writing, he knows just what will get me writing. Nine times out of ten, he is right on point and my creative juices start flowing.

  8. Step Away. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in finishing what we are writing right then and there. It is okay to PUT THE PEN DOWN and pick it back up in a few days. I find this to be my last resort if I cannot break through my writer’s block.

Sometimes it only takes one of these tricks; sometimes it takes all of them. Each writing journey is different. So do not get discouraged the next time you find yourself stuck. It happens to even the best of writers. Remember, writer’s block is only temporary and your masterpiece is awaiting you on the other side!!


About Ashley Campbell

Ashley received her Bachelors of Arts in English from Saint Augustine’s College (now University). While attending college, she participated in the Falcon Poetry club and found joy in editing books and papers. Ashley’s career in the financial industry spans over the past 5 years, yet she still maintains her love for creative writing and editing. She is the Executive Editor of Divine Legacy Publishing.

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