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Ronni DeSontae

Ronnie DeSontae.jpg

Ronni DeSontae was born in New York and raised in South Carolina, or as she so pridefully says, she is, “Northern Born and Southern Seasoned.” With her debut book, Laughing Through My Depression, she embraced transparency and released debilitating mental and emotional baggage. She is a certified Life Coach and is certified in Mental Health First Aid. She is Owner/Founder of Laughing Through My Depression, LLC and her mission is to empower others to “Move from Depression and Anxiety to Power,” through inspiration, motivation, and coaching. She lives in her truth that she is, “Perfectly Imperfect!”

Ronni loves traveling, spending time with family, bubble baths, meditating, writing, reading, and listening to music. Her favorite place to be is at the beach, and she finds peace in storms. She also acknowledges that we can learn something new every day and are elevated through the love and support that we receive from others, so she adamantly believes throughout life, “It takes a village.”

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