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Serendipity was born in Baltimore, Maryland but moved to North Carolina as a teenager so she has the grit of a northerner, but the charm of a southern belle. She knew she had a love for fiction when, at an early age, she discovered her mother’s romance novels and began sneaking to read them.

Turning a passion for reading into a love for the written word, Serendipity’s life has revolved around writing. She began writing short stories in grade school and pursued a degree in English at East Carolina University. She then received a Masters of Arts in English from North Carolina Central University.

In March 2016, Serendipity decided to finish the novel she began in 2008. In August 2016 she released Ember's Flame and it quickly shot to the number one spot on the Amazon African American Erotica list. She is currently working on her second book, which will be released in late 2017.

Higher Learning CEO/Founder and author Shennette Sheffield Sparkes, was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Sparkes grew up as a multitalented athlete, attending St. Thomas Aquinas High School. In high school she ran track and played volleyball, with her skills and passion for basketball setting her apart. 


While playing basketball in college Shennette Sparkes was diagnosed with two types of Lupus.  Lupus is a chronic illness that over 1.5 million are suffering with. Never letting the disease stop her from accomplishing her goals, she completed her four years at UNF and went on to play semi-professional basketball for the Orlando Extreme.

Shennette Sparkes has transformed her gift on the basketball court to writing and encouraging youth within and outside of her community. Training with a Purpose is Sparkes first quote journal designed to help students and athletes develop the heart of a champion. The Story Behind the Story: A Butterfly Warrior's Journey to Conquering Lupus is the author's inspirational memoir detailing her journey as a Lupus survivor.

Rev. Dr. Alice Evans was born in Baltimore, Maryland, moved to North Carolina as a child, and is currently a resident of Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a retired ordained minister who received her Masters of Divinity from Shaw University in Raleigh. She obtained her Doctorate from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.

Chasing Freedom: Memoirs of a Challenged Life is a deep insight into Rev. Dr. Evans life and challenges into adulthood. Readers are able to take a journey with the author as she recounts her obstacles that led her to her strong belief in God and Christian faith.

Shelia Lorraine Nelson Sewell was born and raised in the city of Natchez, Mississippi. She became a lover of books and reading at an early age largely due to her mom, who could almost always be found reading something; Whether it was the Bible or the daily newspaper.


She graduated with honors from Natchez High School in 1994 and went on to pursue a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1998. It was as a teacher that Shelia truly recognized her gift as a writer. She began to write plays, skits, songs, raps, and chants to use with her students. After participating in a writer’s workshop, Shelia learned that she had a natural ability to express her thoughts and feelings with her words.


Love, Lies & Loyalty is the first installment of the Rico's Girls' Philosophies series. This book introduces four African-American women that soon face extreme obstacles that can shatter what was once an unbreakable friendship.

Raised by a single mother, Tiara Nicole Riley has seen her share of struggles. She is a survivor of depression, attempted suicide, miscarriage, and "daddy issues". She has now dedicated her life to motivating others to do the same. Through books, blogs, vlogs, developmental coaching programs, workshops and motivational speaking, Tiara persistently works towards encouraging consistent self-growth and accountability to others.

23...And Finally Loving Me is a written illustration of this author's personal transformation process during one of the most challenging times in her life. Read about her journey of discovering self-love and becoming proud of the woman she is today!

Michelle Warren was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida.  She was raised by her grandmother and given a love for reading by her great grandmother, who always encouraged her to read bigger and more intense books. Realizing she loved to create her own spin on the stories she read, Michelle began writing in high school. As an adult, her love for writing grew and has been her constant source of contentment and passion through many of life’s changes including marriage, motherhood, and divorce.  She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee and is a single mother of four and grandmother of one.

The Exploration of Her explores several conversations about intimate fantasies and new experiences. As the friends talk, stories of past and present come together and the women realize that their similarities far outweigh their differences.  Minds are opened, adventurous spirits are born, and each woman leaves inspired to continue her journey to explore herself on a whole new level.

When Jennifer Robinson was 19, she started journaling. Over the next few years, she filled over 30 composition notebooks with her thoughts, feelings and poetry. She started sharing some of her poems on social media and it was then that she discovered people could connect to her emotions. The decision to share her work wasn't easy. As beautifully stated by the author herself, "My writing is an extension of my heart, mind and soul. It's deep. It's meaningful. It's intimate."

My Brand of Passion is a story of two best friends that reconnect after a tragic event. As they catch up on their lives, they quickly discover that where they are now is a far cry from the simplicity of their college days.

From the moment Nicki Charest was able to pick up a pen, her imagination allowed her to put thoughts on paper so the world could see what she was seeing. Hailing from Detroit, Nicki started writing poetry at an early age. Ahead of her time, she was fascinated with telling mature stories  and often kept a diary of the many fictional tales she had envisioned. By the age of 13, Nicki had over 50 poems, 15 songs, and several short stories she had written.

At age 20, she took her talents public. Eventually, she would go on to perform at various open mics and competing in several poetry slams around the city of Detroit. Nicki made her way south to North Carolina, but her love for writing remained. While in Raleigh, Nicki started a Tuesday Poetry Open Mic Night, in which members from the spoken word community would come to perform. From Dasan Ahanu of the Durham Slam Team to the mighty poetress Phoenix, Nicki wanted to bring the world of creative arts to all in her presence.

Now 33 years old, married, and employed by one of the largest sports conglomerates in the world, Nicki still just wants to write and share her passion with all those willing to read it.

A Twisted Love is a tale about an accomplished young woman who meets a popular, yet quiet college basketball player with a interesting past. But their love starts to run deep, dangerously deep. And soon, they find themselves interconnected in a love spiral that could cost them everything – including their lives.

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