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Nicki Charest

From the moment Nicki Charest was able to pick up a pen, her imagination allowed her to put thoughts on paper so the world could see what she was seeing. Hailing from Detroit, Nicki started writing poetry at an early age. Ahead of her time, she was fascinated with telling mature stories and often kept a diary of the many fictional tales she had envisioned. By the age of 13, Nicki had over 50 poems, 15 songs, and several short stories she had written. At age 20, she took her talents public. Eventually, she would go on to perform at various open mics and competing in several poetry slams around the city of Detroit.


Nicki made her way south to North Carolina, but her love for writing remained. While in Raleigh, Nicki started a Tuesday Poetry Open Mic Night, in which members from the spoken word community would come to perform.

Now in her thirties, married, and employed by one of the largest sports conglomerates in the world, Nicki still just wants to write and share her passion with all those willing to read it. Find out more about Nicki at

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