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Mahogany Wright


Born and raised in the Midwest, Mahogany Wright's gift as a writer was noticed in the third grade. A simple two page essay assignment turned into 30 pages of wild imagination. As her studies progressed, her parents made her read and write on advanced levels in school to continue her development. The summer before she started high school, she found a book her mother was reading left behind on their living room coffee table. A book titled Mama, written by a gifted author by the name of Terri McMilllan, who would soon become a best selling novelist, opened Mahogany's eyes to a world of stories that she could better relate to as a young Black girl raised in a single parent home. From the ages of 14 to 17, she'd handwritten a 400 page fiction story but never allowed anyone to read or publish her work. Not knowing if being an author was for her, she continued her education in her second love: computer science.

Tragically, Mahogany passed away in December of 2020 before her dream of publishing a book could be realized.  Divine Legacy Publishing has established a scholarship under her real name, Samika Johnson, to be given to a deserving aspiring author each year. The scholarship will be awarded each year on August 3rd, which was Samika's birthday.

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