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 Ivana Farrar

Ivana Farrar is a mother, a teacher, and an author. Writing has always been something that she enjoyed doing, but as life progressed, writing became a thing of the past. Going to college, becoming a full-time teacher, and becoming a mom became new priorities. While getting her Masters of Art in Teaching at Miami University, her love for writing resurfaced. The Ohio Writing Project helped her to love and appreciate herself as a writer. She believed that it was the combination of having children and furthering her education that re-sparked her passion for writing.

As a young girl, Ivana's parents used to tell her over and over that she could be anything that she wanted to be. She wants to show her children, as well as all 

African American children, that they can be anything they put their minds to. Her books are written to inspire and motivate older and younger generations.

 Books by Ivana

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