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Dr. Kari-Claudia Allen

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Dr. Kari-Claudia Allen is a physician, storyteller, author, and founder of The Vision Collective, a wellness organization in which she teaches self-empowerment through creative visualization, journaling, meditation, and radical self-care. In addition to wellness coaching, Dr. Kari is a professor of family medicine, with expertise in maternal-child health, diversity and inclusion, and the art of delivering babies.

Through her practice of medicine, Dr. Kari recognized that many common physical conditions are often rooted in emotional and psychological trauma, which is too often left unexplored and unhealed. After hitting her own ‘rock bottom’ in 2014, she began a spiritual healing journey that moved her from a life of stagnancy to one of abundance, powerful purpose, and deep joy. Today, she teaches others the tools she used to rebuild her life in coaching sessions, retreats, and the journal she created, which was written to help others envision and manifest limitless living in every area of life.

Dr. Kari believes we are all capable of living full and abundant lives as brilliant as our minds can envision. Her greatest desire is that each one of us fulfills our God-given purpose and uses our creativity, love, and generosity to make a powerful impact on this world.

Originally from Washington, DC, Dr. Kari has made her home in the Carolinas, where she is a doting partner and plant mom. Find out more about Dr. Kari at

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