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Courtney Lucas


Courtney Lucas, also known as C-Luv, fell in love with reading at an early age. In the 3rd grade, she discovered the art of poetry and became captivated by the works of Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson, and Rudyard Kipling. While other kids were at play, she could be found with her head in a book.


Inspired by Anne Frank, Courtney asked her mother for a diary and began the act of writing during her middle school years. She encountered many hardships and found writing to be a place of therapeutic escape for many years thereafter. It was through writing that she discovered her voice and true self. Now branded “C-Luv Speaks,” Courtney shares her artistic expression with the world as an author, blogger, and spoken word artist speaking at workshops, events, and conferences. Her motto is “Expression over Suppression!”

Courtney resides in Brunswick, GA with her three children, one in middle, high, and elementary school. She is the founder of Nurturing Excellence, LLC. and is very passionate about youth, families, and parenting. She serves her community by teaching parenting classes as well as working with at-risk youth to help change their life trajectory, overcome barriers, and prevent high school dropouts.

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