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Chertann Jones


The origin story of CJ emerges from her innately sincere desire to connect with people. Early on in her hospitality years, she learned that the silent R that separated the two-syllabled Chertann in her given name created obstacles in others' pronunciation of it. So, what did she do? She began introducing herself as CJ!


It proved to be just the beginning of her willingness to redefine “the gray areas” in life for the sake of the greater good—MAKING VALUABLE CONNECTIONS. In her book “Navigating the Gray: Best Practices for Fruitful Hospitality”, CJ delivers her strong brand of servant-leadership in compelling short stories and quid pro quos. Her sometimes-comedic approach to team-building comes from entertaining sold-out theaters in her hometown of Cincinnati, OH. Even if you have caught just one of CJ’s speaking engagements, you know why people bubble-over with laughter and enlightenment. She couples this lightheartedness with an uncompromising resolve to

remind us of our own value and worth. CJ has mastered educating teams on the resilience that emanates from our everyday interactions.

Books By Chertann

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