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Rodney Williams

The author of Poetically Sound-Revitalizing the Soul, Inspiring the Heart and Motivating the Dreamer, Rodney #RevRod Williams, is back and this time he intends to motivate the masses to live what they speak. Writing poetry since the age of seven, Rodney has always cherished his love for words and how they will either lift us up or tear us down.

He truly loves and embodies the spirit of encouraging people, especially to live out their fullest potential. He is a 4th generation preacher of the gospel and a sought after motivational speaker who is determined to help those who desire to see the dream, channel the dream, and birth the dream God has given each of them to mature. He says, “We are not called to exist but live.” In 2008, birthed from a dream, Rodney coined the name DreamAwakeNow. Its mantra being, “You Don’t Need to Sleep to Dream.” In 2021, he finally decided to brand the name as well.

Rodney received a bachelor’s degree from St. John’s University in 1997 and most recently graduated from Regent University in 2017 with a master’s degree in Practical Theology and a minor in business. He is currently pursuing certification in transformation coaching and vehemently desires to help young adult men and women find their places in this world.

A native of the Bronx, New York, Rev. Rod, as the world has come to know him, is happily married to a wonderful woman named Stephanie and they currently reside in Baltimore, MD. They have four adult and teenage children, Donte, Elijah, Quentin, and Sémone, whom they love very much.

Rodney Williams
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Rodney Williams
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