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Rasheeda Jackson

Growing up as a child, Rasheedah Jackson was always exposed to books, magazines, and writing by her mother. Her mother read to her all the time and always took her to the library to get books as well as invested in her own personal book collection. Her mother was also involved in a writing club that she always took Rasheedah to with her.

When she entered high school, Rasheedah’s 9th grade English teacher sparked her interest for writing when she returned a graded assignment and told her she was a great writer and had the potential to be a professional writer. As an adult, Rasheedah lost her passion for writing, but the interest returned once she asked people on

Facebook if they would read a story about her conversion from Islam to Christianity and the response was phenomenal. Rasheedah is a native of Jacksonville, Florida but recently moved to Mississippi with her husband. In addition to her day job and writing her book, she also writes for Majority Greek Magazine.

Rasheeda Jackson
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Rasheeda Jackson
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