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Nena G

From the time she could read, Nena G. always had a book in her hand. One of her fondest childhood memories was lying across her bed in the third grade reading Don Quixote, imaging adventures with windmills and crazy old men.

Going to the library was like going to the candy store, where she selected the sweetest of treats during her youth. As an adult, it was trips to the bookstore that filled her with giddy excitement as she hunted for treasure in hard and paperback books.

Eventually, her love of reading translated into her love of writing. Taking pen to paper became a cathartic exercise of freedom through journaling and writing short stories.

In her early twenties, after graduating college, Nena realized that becoming a novelist was her dream and often toyed with pursuing an MFA. However, it never happened because she didn’t believe it was possible.  

Instead, Nena sought to find her place in the world, which led her on many career paths, including Human Resources, Real Estate Broker, Loan Officer, Church Consultant, Bra Fitter (yes, Bra Fitter). She has even worked on a farm.

Even though her various careers provided her with invaluable experiences, nothing satisfied her how writing did. She attempted to quench her thirst throughout the years by blogging, writing articles, podcasting, and even writing an inspirational book. Still, nothing satisfied her like a good story. Her dream never died. 

Growing tired of fighting what she believes is a call from God, she set out to write her first novel, Brand New, and is now only looking forward to the future filled with more books.    

Through her stories, she hopes to inspire others to follow their passions and dreams. 

Nena lives in California, raising two amazing sons.

Nena G
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Nena G
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