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Nakeisha Savage

A native of Baltimore City, N. Savage has been writing poetry, journaling, and writing short stories since the age of 8. She is a mother and educator. She is a lover of reading and learning. She is a proud graduate of Morgan State University (B.S.), Towson University (M.Ed.), and most recently Capella University (Ed.D.).

In her debut novel, Spoken Words Unspoken, Savage takes readers on a journey through her life, sharing through narration and her poetry, her experiences with learning about relationships, defining and understanding love, and suffering trauma and abuse.

The book is an authentic retelling of people and events that have shaped her life, her perceptions, and behaviors. This memoir serves to “speak” the “unspoken” words, feelings, and experiences of her life. The journey begins with reflection, noticings, and understanding of the patterns that existed/exist in her life towards being deliberate in future decision-making choosing love, light, and happiness, and permitting her self-acceptance and self-love.

She loves music, traveling, writing poetry, playing card games, and spending time with family and friends. She currently still resides in Baltimore, MD with her family.

Nakeisha Savage
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Nakeisha Savage
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