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Jocelyn Steele

Jocelyn Steele was born on December 4, 1969 in Ohio, the youngest of three. Her family soon relocated to Alabama, where she attended Sunshine High School, in Newbern, Alabama. From a young age, she expressed herself creatively whether it was drawing with her older brother, sewing and cooking and doing hair with her mother, or creating banners and dancing as a cheerleader. She credits her mother, Margaret Zinnerman, a true jack-of-all-trades for passing down these talents.

After graduating high school, she decided to attend C.A. Fredd State Technical College in Tuscaloosa where she honed her barbering and cosmetology skills. Fate would have it that there is where she’d meet her husband. Marcus Steele, of Eutaw, Alabama, was also attending C.A. Fredd. They soon fell in love and were married.

They welcomed two baby girls while apprenticing at a nearby barber/style shop. As time went on, they opened their own barber/style shop in Eutaw, where their family had settled. It was after welcoming a son that Jocelyn’s career shifted toward baking. She is affectionately known around town as ‘The Cake Lady.’

While pregnant, Jocelyn often had crazy and vivid dreams. Shortly after her son was born, she was still experiencing this phenomenon. This is how the story of “The Square Nose Pig” was born.

Jocelyn Steele
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Jocelyn Steele
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