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Cheryl Lawson-Wright

Who can find a virtuous woman? One would be hard-pressed to top the wonderful, igniting Cheryl Lawson-Wright. To see her is to be struck by her exquisite, flawless inner and outer beauty, impeccable style, and enveloping grace. She is a frequently sought-after model for clothing and cosmetics, with her likeness gracing magazines, websites, and social media forums worldwide. To observe her is to watch light in motion; even when “resting”, her mind cannot keep still; she is always working - or thinking of a way to - help others. To know her is to feel the presence of God in action. She is never without a thought, an idea, or a plan of action to create something good or make something work better. Her contagious zeal for life inspires others to be their best selves.

There are a cloud of witnesses who can attest to her awesomeness as a fantastic chef/caterer, coordinators get a power women’s ministry, hosting record-breaking fundraisers, sponsor youth empowerment events, all over the Jacksonville area, and all while raising her three sons, one who was her disabled nephew born premature 1lb 6oz at 7 months to substance abusing parents - whom she loved and nurtured from the age of 2 years old when she was only 24 years old. In addition, she co-parented 2 bonus daughters, and fostered countless relatives and underprivileged youth who all look to her for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support. What she gets, she gives back triple fold. Words simply cannot tell it all, and her Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In and other social media platforms only scratch the surface.

Cheryl has utilized her expertise to assist with founding, start-up and ongoing consultation for a now 15 year private educational institution. She is partner with another educational program. Other professional experience is educator, administrator, activist, motivator and entrepreneur. Community activists include but not limited to - spokesperson for breast cancer survivors, breast cancer awareness, advocate for Black Lives Matter, voter awareness and registration, and wellness advocate for toxic-free living…mind, body and spirit. Her daily mantra - “although, we are more than enough individually…no one has it all together, but together we can have it all”, In her seasoned years, Cheryl continues to be a force to be reckoned with!

Cheryl Lawson-Wright
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Cheryl Lawson-Wright
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