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Brooke Chambers

Brooke Chambers is a smart, energetic, cool kid. She’s homeschooled, which means that she goes to school at her house and her parents teach her. Her mommy, Amanda Chambers, is a college professor, author, and owns Divine Legacy Publishing, LLC. Her daddy, Stan Chambers, is a journalist and photographer.

The self-proclaimed Vice-Vice President of Divine Legacy Publishing, Brooke loves being homeschool and often goes on fun adventures in her imagination. She wants you to join her on these adventures, so she created the "Brooke's Homeschool Adventures" series so she can share her adventures with other kids.

In her spare time, Brooke likes to read, craft, and play Minecraft and Roblox. She's also the proud owner of Divine Baubles by Brooke, an accessory line launching in winter 2021.

Brooke Chambers
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Brooke Chambers
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