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Aronya Waller

Aronya Waller wrote her first story in second grade, and she’s been hooked on writing ever since. She pursued a career in journalism, where she was a teen reporter for The Burlington County Times, an associate producer for AOL News, and a contributing writer for Women’s Elevation Magazine. Aronya’s career progressed to writing content for educational, governmental, and private institutions. Then, in 2014, she founded a communications consulting agency, in part, to assist writing-challenged clients.

But, that wasn’t enough for Aronya. She was raised to fight for others through her words, actions, and deeds. She continues to embrace those values by pursuing equality within our communities and cultures and through civic engagement through her blog, Her Own Beat. Aronya considers herself a social activist who fights for the rights for all, but most importantly, she wants to help train a conscious generation of activists through her works and writing. Find out more about Aronya at

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