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Allen L. Simmons

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Allen L. Simmons is the founder of Live N Love Inc, a United States Marine Corps combat veteran, and a speaker at a community engagement event known as Brunch and Ties.

For the past five years, Allen has been known to be an influential part of his community and has used his platform to feed and clothe the homeless men and women in Charlotte. He gave multiple speeches at the Strategic Behavioral Health Center and has used his experiences from surviving war, PTSD, suicide, anxiety, and depression to inspire the youth and the employees there.

After his encounter in Afghanistan, Allen found that his life was spared for a reason and is now influencing over 5000 people throughout social media and in his community. 

Allen is a graduate of University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is also a big help at Revive Church in Charlotte where he has inspired others through his speeches. He does not just have the ability to speak and inspire individuals, he is an inspiration. His story is one of overcoming and transformation. Find out more about Allen at

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